Elite Daily:

5 Things You Learn After Spending The Holidays With Your BF

Why Ignoring Incidents of Racism Will Only Silence Black Voices

The Unique Outrage of Excusing Racism By Saying “I have a Black friend”

Thought Catalog:

4 Things About Planned Parenthood Your Facebook Friends Are Forgetting

Black Women are Beautiful

21 Lessons in 21 Years

Black Lives Matter, My Life Matters 

Why Meeting Diversity Quotas Isn’t Enough

I am Not My Hair

The Stylish Standout:

9 Easy Steps to Runway Worthy Nails

My Last $100

The Stylish Standout’s Guide to Co-Washing

When to Throw Out Your Makeup 

The Stylish Standout’s Guide to Christmas Movies 

5 Standout Fitness Strategies to Try This Winter

Putting Up Your First Christmas Tree

6 Holiday Date Ideas

Inside Columbia magazine: 

Decoding Dreams

Taking Flight

How To Make The Most of Markets

Fashion: Easy Breezy

Summer Date Night




This Is Wholesome

The Power of Influencers who Aren’t Celebrities

The Missourian:

AntiMU22, a new campus group, promotes healthy self-image

SCULPT magazine:

Shining from the Shadows (page 13)

Pushing Through the Pain (page 14)

The Maneater:

Rollings dining hall to go trayless for Summer Welcome

CDS eliminates trays from dining halls to reduce waste

Guest blogs:

Not Yet!- Life by Design

LYB (Love Your Body)- Healthy Benefits

Mizzou Quidditch Website (story and pictures by me)


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